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Menu Maker

Menu Maker for Concrete5, a simple and elegant solution for customized menus. Menu Maker ignores the Exclude From Nav page attribute so you can select any pages you want to display in a menu and drag and drop them into the order you want them. It's quick and easy and great for custom Sidebar and Footer Menus, or anywhere on your website you need an extra or special menu.

Once you have installed Menu Maker on your web site you can begin to add custom menus wherever you need them. Just add the Menu Maker Block to any page.

From the "Site Map" on the left side of the installation form select the pages you want to appear on your menu. You can click the down arrow to select pages as many levels deep as your site has.

Once you have selected the pages for your menu Drag and Drop them in the right side menu box so they are in the order you want them to display. It's simple!

Where they actually exist on your site is of no importance, only where you drag and drop them.

Menu Maker will pick up your themes styles and often you do not need to do any additional styling, but if you want to override your theme to customize a menu you can do in under the Options Tab. You can put as many Menu Maker Menus on a page as you want and style them all differently.

Checking "Display menu items that may require login" will display all pages even if the viewer cannot access the page. If they click they will be asked to login to the site.

Block Class will wrap the block in a div with the class you enter for extra styling options.

Padding, Margins, Font Sizes, Colors are all standard CSS properties that you can enter to override your theme.

Target is the link behavior when a menu item is clicked.

Menu Maker gives you a many style options, your theme may effect the display of these and you may need to do a little "tweaking" to your menu or theme CSS to get them looking the way you want. In most cases the menus you make with Menu Maker work with your sites styling.


Horizontal Centered

Pills Centered

Vertical Pills

Vertical Pills will fill parent container width.